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Breathing since '82.
Console gamer since '91.
Guitar shredder since '98.
 iOS Engineer since 2010.
Arduino Hacker since 2011.
Proud member of the SoundCloud family from 2012-2015.
Android Engineer since 2016.
Berlin based. Evolution of a coder.
Attitude: Let's bring ideas to life!
Whatever it takes to improve things Bit by Bit.

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  • Rob, who?!

  • Always passionate about how things work it felt kind of obvious to follow this path. After gaining a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science I've specialized in the Mobile Apps ecosystem. Their impact on everybody's life fascinates and drives me.

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  • What do I do?

  • Bringing ideas to life and trying to contribute to make life a bit better. Tinkering and creating things. Best reward is experiencing the value of your work to other people. I also like to rock out on my guitar when my neighbours are away.

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  • What's up next?

  • Broadening my skill set e.g. by getting more and more into Android/Kotlin and FRP. I joined BCG Digital Ventures recently to work on innovative apps which leverage e.g. Machine Learning

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Recent Projects

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Check out some of my work. I am currently working on a bunch of exciting stuff so stay tuned.


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Throughout my studies, freelance work, side-projects and being a full-time Software Engineer I've gained expertise in various areas.

  • ObjC/Swift

    All eyes on iOS technology. In the past 8 years I have been focussing on developing for the iOS platform. For instance I was involved in developing a Data Security App with style, an AdServing SDK and the SoundCloud app.
    I was working on the mobile suite of a publishing platform for magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. All the new components of this application are written in Swift. Currently, I'm dedicating my time to consulting, working on innovative digital products.

  • C

    Every time you get down to low-level iOS coding you are challenged with C with all it's beauty and demand. Perfect tool for performance boosting and a must for all expensive operations.

  • Java/Android

    I first got in touch with Java during my studies. It really helps to introduce the concept of Object-Oriented-Programming to oneself and makes you familiar with the main computer science design patterns. Now I deepen my Java knowledge by developing Andriod apps.


    PHP and MySQL were my companions back when I first entered the world of web development. They helped me implementing several projects from tiny portfolio sites to custom CMS for businesses.

  • Arduino

    I love hacking things and Arduino is the best choice for that. It eases the access into micro processor programming and encourages you to communicate with a wide range of sensors - just for the fun of it!

  • Javascript

    The power of JavaScript is simply awesome and it is stunning what kind of crazy stuff you can achieve by using this interpreted language. I have played around with it mainly for sleek effects. Next one in line: Event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript with node.js

  • Git

    Collaborating and working in larger coding teams requires reliable versioning control. Git solves that problem and makes your coder's life a lot easier and your repository clean and fresh.


    As a freelancer I was involved in many website projects, where I improved my skills in XHTML and CSS. Besides the markup I also designed some web layouts with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Ruby on Rails

    Started teaching myself Ruby on Rails lately. It speeds up your web development and makes you more efficient. I plan to use it for my future web projects and experiment with heroku for deployment.

  • Ruby

    In Ruby everything's an object and I am enjoying working with it more and more. Currently our whole CI pipeline is powered by Ruby including the automated test suite.

  • ObjC/Swift 90%

  • C30%

  • Java/Android80%

  • HTML/CSS70%

  • Git80%

  • JavaScript40%

  • Ruby on Rails20%

  • PHP/MySql 50%

  • Arduino30%

  • Ruby 60%

  • Curiosity100%

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